Arm-Chair Quail Hunters

The other boat on the water had been playing hop-scotch with us all day long. My buddy Ryan and I would pull onto a small riparian bar along the Snake River to hunt quail; they would motor past hooting and hollering at us. The boaters seemed to be more intent on the 12oz curl and being our … Continue reading Arm-Chair Quail Hunters

Sunday Dinner – Salmon, Pork and Venison (Oh, my)

Sunday Dinner Recipes While it might not be an original idea to combine potatoes and salsa this application and method is certainly not the norm. These potatoes go well with just about everything - breakfast, lunch or dinner. We make them a lot in Dutch ovens and this is a forgiving recipe to practice your … Continue reading Sunday Dinner – Salmon, Pork and Venison (Oh, my)