Spring ’13 Turkey Hunt/Food

Sometimes luck is with you. That was the case opening weekend of turkey season for me in Idaho. I am rarely in Northern Sections of my own state and decided that I could not miss opening day of turkey hunting no matter were I was. That said, the populations of the thunder chickens in the … Continue reading Spring ’13 Turkey Hunt/Food

Arm-Chair Quail Hunters

The other boat on the water had been playing hop-scotch with us all day long. My buddy Ryan and I would pull onto a small riparian bar along the Snake River to hunt quail; they would motor past hooting and hollering at us. The boaters seemed to be more intent on the 12oz curl and being our … Continue reading Arm-Chair Quail Hunters

Asparagus and Wild Mint Salad

Striking the spring time gold is what I have done today. This time of year is perfect for growing asparagus, it gets wet then hot very quickly and leads to explosive growth. Apparently, an asparagus spear can grow up to 4 inches an hour in the right climate. Today I climbed to the top of … Continue reading Asparagus and Wild Mint Salad