Frog Blog – hehe, that rhymes

Blame it on Duck Dynasty if you want, or maybe on the cacophonous croaking of frogs along the canal I live by, but I have developed an itch for bull frog gigging. Gigging frogs is a time honored tradition for gathering the grub, but just not in Idaho. Warmer climates and abundance of swampy areas tend to breed … Continue reading Frog Blog – hehe, that rhymes

Sunday Dinner – Salmon, Pork and Venison (Oh, my)

Sunday Dinner Recipes While it might not be an original idea to combine potatoes and salsa this application and method is certainly not the norm. These potatoes go well with just about everything - breakfast, lunch or dinner. We make them a lot in Dutch ovens and this is a forgiving recipe to practice your … Continue reading Sunday Dinner – Salmon, Pork and Venison (Oh, my)

Asparagus and Wild Mint Salad

Striking the spring time gold is what I have done today. This time of year is perfect for growing asparagus, it gets wet then hot very quickly and leads to explosive growth. Apparently, an asparagus spear can grow up to 4 inches an hour in the right climate. Today I climbed to the top of … Continue reading Asparagus and Wild Mint Salad