Interview with Corey Fair, Butcher and Baker

I was fortunate enough to be able to get an interview from Corey Fair, owner of a website dedicated to all things foodie. Aside from being a nice guy he is a born and bred hunter as well. Check out the whole interview below. Sections from this will be published in the Boise Weekly in … Continue reading Interview with Corey Fair, Butcher and Baker

I know that I am a Born Hunter, but am I Born to Run?

I am in current possession of one of the strangest things a chef can ever own…a sun tan. Being an inside at the stove sort of occupation the amount of daylight that a chef normally sees is about the equivalent to a submarine captain. Negligible at best, and when we both do see sun it … Continue reading I know that I am a Born Hunter, but am I Born to Run?

Rattlesnake Recipe

So, I ran across a rattlesnake eating a bunny the other day while out on an adventure with my father in the hills outside of Murphy Idaho. I decided that, well, the snake needed to make it into my belly. That said…here is the recipe for berry rubbed rattlesnake. Peppercorn and Dried Blueberry Rubbed Rattlesnake … Continue reading Rattlesnake Recipe

Interview on Northwestern Outdoor News

Progress. It is always good to feel like you have managed to get something done. In this case I am honored to have been interviewed by John Kruse of Northwestern Outdoors Radio. We spoke at length this past Sunday about my “Chef in the Wild” project – all things hunting, cooking and eating. Heck we even … Continue reading Interview on Northwestern Outdoor News