Grilled Trout, Columbian Exchange, Invasive Worms…

The tug was slight. Almost perceivable on the tackle I was using. Almost.  I had six pound test on what was essentially a bluegill fishing rod. I had half a night crawler skewered onto a circle hook with two minuscule split shot a foot up the leader. The bite was happening however, I just needed … Continue reading Grilled Trout, Columbian Exchange, Invasive Worms…

SOLO HNTR – Podcast Partnership

Big News folks!  Chef in the Wild and SOLO HNTR are making a connection! Starting today the SOLO HNTR Podcast and I will be recording a monthly session to deliver wild food related content. This will be a triple play for all those that love wild food - the podcast will drop, the recipe will posted … Continue reading SOLO HNTR – Podcast Partnership

Wild Turkey Salad Time

Drew and I plodded on in search of his first turkey, headlamps showed the trail ahead. The land we hiked toward was public, but entirely surrounded by private property. To circumvent any trespassing violations we had to stay below the “high water mark” alongside the river. A boot width wide the trail was our rout. … Continue reading Wild Turkey Salad Time

Gear Giveaway and Review

Full disclosure – I was given a FoodSaver® GameSaver® Titanium Vacuum Sealer for review, free stuff affects opinions. I process and vacuum pack all my game meat and fish – and it saves me time and money. Vital to saving money and not losing game is good quality vacuum pack machine. For those not familiar … Continue reading Gear Giveaway and Review