SOLO HNTR – Podcast Partnership

Big News folks!  Chef in the Wild and SOLO HNTR are making a connection! Starting today the SOLO HNTR Podcast and I will be recording a monthly session to deliver wild food related content. This will be a triple play for all those that love wild food - the podcast will drop, the recipe will posted … Continue reading SOLO HNTR – Podcast Partnership

Buck, Buck, Moose – Interview with Hank Shaw

Sometimes it is cool to know people. I happen to know Hank, he is a good dude. That said - the man has launched an ambitious new book, backed by a Kickstarter Campaign, on cooking venison called Buck, Buck, Moose. Take a gander at the interview below - or on the Stands with the new issue of … Continue reading Buck, Buck, Moose – Interview with Hank Shaw