SOLO HNTR – Podcast Partnership

Big News folks! 

Chef in the Wild and SOLO HNTR are making a connection! Starting today the SOLO HNTR Podcast and I will be recording a monthly session to deliver wild food related content.

This will be a triple play for all those that love wild food – the podcast will drop, the recipe will posted to my website AND you can still pick up my column in the monthly issue of Northwest Sportsman Magazine!

With spring in the air I figured a Wild Turkey recipe would be a great place to start this conversation. In this episode Tim and discuss a wide variety of topics, plus he gave me the time to introduce myself to his listeners.

Listen to the podcast here!

Check out the recipe here!

Subscribe to Northwest Sportsman here!

Backstory – Tim Burnett and I connected at the 2019 Field to Table Dinner at the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous. The round robin event had me cooking for all sorts of folks, Tim got to enjoy wild turkey fried rice. I must have done something right, we connected on social media after the event and enjoyed harassing each other.

Then Tim reached out via email asking to chat. To be clear, I had always been a fan of the work that Tim and Remi have been doing with SOLO HNTR. They have both inspired me to work harder on my hunts, go further and mostly – not to be afraid of hunting alone. Watching these two hunt the “public land ranch” and do some amazing things for a decade has been incredibly fun.

So to have Tim Burnett, the founder and host, reach out to little-ol-me about food and contributions via the Podcast. I could not say yes fast enough.

The desire with this partnership is to promote wild food and wild food cooking. Tim wants to expand his culinary horizons, and I want to teach more people about wild food. It is a great match.

I am proud to be a part of the SOLO HNTR family.

Much love y’all,


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