Summer in Photos

So summer is a tough time to run a blog. With daylight in Idaho extending out until past 10pm I find myself doing so many other things than writing. That said- I have had a ton of blessed adventures this year. Below is what a lazy writer would like to call a photo essay. 🙂 

Before the Storm

Looking for bear in all the wrong places

Two bulls on a bear hunt


Archer in the making

kissing bass

Trout and Grits

range time

Dad and Ishi being “brave”


Blond ans Bow 🙂

Bow shoot

Hemmingway Hole

two goofballs, one birthday

how i want to age

my catfish from the lake

Pizza and Mountians

Two of the boys

froggin with the bow

more range time

pop in law with a kitty fish

Boom at the farm

The Cannibal ride

Summer time is nap time

Check back soon for the trout and grits recipe! 

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