Spring ’13 Turkey Hunt/Food

Sometimes luck is with you. That was the case opening weekend of turkey season for me in Idaho. I am rarely in Northern Sections of my own state and decided that I could not miss opening day of turkey hunting no matter were I was.

That said, the populations of the thunder chickens in the northern stretches of Idaho are much greater than the southern half. I was in Couer d’Alene for the Western States American Culinary Federation annual meeting. It is an idyllic setting.

I made my way over to Post Falls, thanks to the father of a good friend named Sara, and found some public land to hunt. Rolled in the night before, heard a gobble and strolled out. Shot a tom the next morning with my fellow chef friend Jason Jones, Sous Chef at Bella Aquila in Eagle Idaho. The tom is the best turkey, trophy wise, that I have ever taken.

The next morning I was three hours south and hunting with my cousin in law Wally from IDA GLOW Antlers. He put me on a quartet of jakes; one of them filled tag number two.

I have two recipes up on the site for turkey as well.  Check them out, I will  have more soon.

This past year was, by far, the best turkey season I have ever had, tagged out in two days.  I took some pics while I was out and hope you all enjoy!

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