Weekend O’ Foodness

And Exhale. Wow, the last few days have been a whirlwind of food.

Thursday the 6th of September was the 14th annual A Chefs Affair. ACA is a charity dinner that benefits the Idaho Food Bank. It is amazing to see up to forty chefs in one room all working toward helping end hunger in Idaho. Each year it brings in money that helps provide hundreds of thousands of meals.

ACA is not all work work work. Some Chefs, like John Berryhill, are more than capable of making a good time out of any situation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday was a little recovery but mostly after hours prep for two full days of mashed potatoes. Not joking, two full days of photographing recipes I created out of instant mashed potatoes. Guy Hand took the pictures and Rebecca Robinson was the food stylist. Man, I don’t think I have ever seen dehydrated potatoes get such a warm reception.  

Saturday night I drove to Twin Falls and taught a class at Rudy’s A Cooks Paradise and had an awesome evening. Wine, students and the company of the best, and most tattooed, cooking store manager I have ever had the privilege to work with. Oh, Jess, you are awesome.

Sunday was my little mans birthday party! The wife bought him the movie theater sized cardboard promotional for the Muppet Movie and plans on making it one of his walls. For the love of gravy.

I looked forward to going to work on Monday just for a little break!

Much love and hope to have something hunted and wild in the near future on the site.


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