Nature Deficit Disorder – AKA – NDD

“NDD. Acute attack. Must have relief. Help. Getting worse. Headache. Moodiness boredom. I’m loading the wheeler and going to see if the elk are in ­­­­_____ Creek. Taking the dog and the bugle. Wana go after work?”  

Larry King

It is a sad day to get texts like the one above. The cry for help is evident. It is clear that we have a very sick patient with a fatal disease.  

Nature Deficit Disorder is a slow but deadly killer of many people. Side affects include itchy eyes, white skin, lack of rash, flabby bellies, callous free feet, unworn boots, unused fishing rods, boredom and a freezer free of tasty wild game meat. 

NDD is a completely curable disease. It just requires getting outside into nature every week or so. Get out of cubicle, the kitchen, the car, the hotel room and go for a walk along a creek bank. Take out your boat. Ride a bike. Shoot your bow. It can be a life saver.    

I personally am starting a household wide campaign this year to get rid of NDD with my children and family. Join me will you? A person should never have to suffer like Larry did.   

The pics below show my dedication to Larrys’ NDD. Cure this disease people.

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