Float Tube Bass, Hog’s in Florida

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I am a new convert to the float tube. Never have I has so much fun fretting over leaches in my life. In a matter of two hours I managed to pull in about 10 bass, most in the two pound range. One of the suckers was close to six! Those are huge fish for a cold water state. But my brain kept thinking of other things, unfortunately.

What a week will do to a guy. Less than one week from now, at about this time, I will be about as far away from home as I can be while still I the continental US. Okeechobee, FL is my destination for a hog hunt. Then up to Orlando for 6 day chef conference. Nothing says fun like being away from the family for a week in an oppressively hot climate with 100% humidity and at the beginning of hurricane season.

But this up coming hunt is driving me nuts. I have never, ever, paid someone to take me hunting. The concept is completely off the wall to me. I come from Idaho, where 70% of the land is public and hunting opportunities are endless. Compare that to the eastern states, like Texas, that are only 3% public. This “buying” my way on to land is a new idea for me.

I am also nervous because the last pig that I shot with my bow I only wounded. My dad had to come in with a follow-up shot and take the pig down after a few hundred yards. The time after that I smoke-poled two pigs at 250 yards in Texas just to get my confidence up. This time I am paying someone to help me but I don’t want to embarrass myself…with my self imposed handicap of shooting a recurve bow.

Wood arrows. No release. No sights. No range finder. The shot and all that comes from it is the same as it would have been in the 1500’s. Gulp…and I don’t have Dad around this time.

The plan is to shoot the pig as early as I can in the morning. Process the pig into manageable sections and then scoot over to the Gulf of Mexico and fish for a few hours. Or I could drive over to the Atlantic side and fish for a while. Then up to Orlando to the 2012 ACF National Convention. I’m sure I will post pics of the convention but if my social media presence dies down for a while now you know why!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Float Tube Bass, Hog’s in Florida

  1. You are awesome, not only at fishing, hunting, writing, and cooking, But being a great dad and husband, you are also wonderful nephew too. Thank you for being you.

  2. Outstanding!!!! I’m all for the older ways in which we hunt… not too sure about the paid hunt, no doubt it will have be incredible! Looking forward to hearing more! Enjoy… Bobbie Looney

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