Asparagus and Wild Mint Salad

Striking the spring time gold is what I have done today. This time of year is perfect for growing asparagus, it gets wet then hot very quickly and leads to explosive growth. Apparently, an asparagus spear can grow up to 4 inches an hour in the right climate.

Today I climbed to the top of that green mountain and came home with something just incredible and edible. Check out this sucker.

Now, that is an eight inch blade and a six-inch handle. That thing was gigantic. Hope that it eats as good as it looks. The ones next to the knife are the standard sized ones that I found next to it. Let the phallic jokes abound…

Asparagus and wild mint salad

Just about the best damn thing on the planet is a plate of wild gathered asparagus. I have a few spots that I go to every year, my father doesn’t even know where they are. I gather as many as I can each time and then break the stalks on the ones that have started branching. My grandmother told me to do this so the plant would keep sending up new, tender and tasty shoots. Toping asparagus with some mint, a little oil and some lime juice is simply divine. The dish literally screams FRESH at the top of its lungs.

10-12 medium sized asparagus

1/2 ea lemon, zest and juice

10 wild mint leafs

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and fresh cracked pepper

Bring a 2 quart pot of water to a boil. Make an ice bath with a bowl of ½ water and ½ ice. Slice the asparagus into ½ inch strips at a hard angle; this is called bias cut by the way.

Drop the asparagus into the boiling water. Count to 30 and then remove the asparagus to the water bath to cool. Remove when cool, pat dry and place in a salad bowl.

Top the greens with lime juice, lime zest, sliced mint leaves and a squirt of olive oil. Toss and season with salt and pepper. Sunday breakfasts never tasted so good.

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