Chef in the Wild


Chef in the Wild is a dual pronged project – Book and Video Series – that I am working on to increase the knowledge of hunters and cooks a like.

The Book -

Chef in the Wild is more than just another wild game cook book, it is a combination of “how to” acquire food and “why to” acquire food. The book will be divided into four parts – spring, summer, fall and winter. All sections will focus on the game and the resources that can be harvested at that time. Recipes such as curried wild turkey drumsticks, ‘PPP’ for pigeon pot pie, Basque style elk solomo and French hare stew.  With 55 Chef tested wild game recipes and humorous insights from an honest hunter will provide Chef in the Wild with unique market placement.    

The Videos Series -

Chef in the Wild – Hunting show meets 30 Minute Meals in a mash-up of hunting action, local food sourcing and cooking instruction. Join Certified Executive Chef, writer and hunter Randy King in this adventure to learn easy ways to become reconnected to the wild life. Watch King live the “wild life” as he hunts, fishes and explores the bountiful world of food around him. Then escape to his kitchen to prepare an easy to make and great tasting meal.

Contact Chef King – email him at

Chef in the Wild


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