IMG_2018I am a man of dual passions. Cooking and hunting. As a chef I have cooked for over 15 years in professional kitchens – everything from frog legs at Gary Dankos to Chicken Parm in huge hotels. While a chef I gathered a reputation (among other things) for my wild game preparations. My cooking picked me up accolades and awards along the way. Email me, I can tell you all about it.   

It is wild game that truly inspires me. I live to hunt. When I am not hunting I am thinking about hunting. When I am not thinking about hunting I am most likely cooking. It is the connection of those two passions that I thrive in.  The razors edge of my life.

I am also a dedicated father of three boys, a husband who gets in trouble for having “dead things” on the counter top and an Outdoor and Food writer.  I have been published in Outdoor Life, Cooking Wild, Restaurants and Institutions and many others. I am a reporter for the Boise Weekly and a columnist for Northwest Sportsman Magazine.  The blank page terrifies me but I look forward to telling others about food and hunting each time I sit down to write.

Connecting the dots of my passions are two projects, both called Chef in the Wild.  One is a book and the other is a video series. Look around this website and you are bound to find out more.

When I am not out in the woods, I am making a mess behind the stove.

Much love and thanks for taking a look.


Contact me at headheed@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am a 70 year old Pennsylvania whitetail hunter.We have consumed about 60 whitetails in the last 48 years.I have always been interested in Mule Deer but never had the opportunity to hunt them.I would like to take a hunt for them regardless of the quality of the meat.It would be so different from the hunting here in the east.

    • On the other side is me! I would love to hunt a whitetail. Never shot one in my life, only eaten them a few times. I am at 15 or so mule deer in the past 15 years. If you are up to it check out some hunts in Idaho. I can direct you to some nice areas, go over the counter. No need for a spendy guide. Good luck sir and I hope that you have a wonderful, turkey filled, spring.

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